A game for Renoise

Paddle Size - Sets the size of both paddles

Paddle Speed - Sets paddle movement speed

Ball Speed - Sets maximum ball movement speed

Ball Range - Sets the range in which the ball respawns

Palette - Sets the color palette (GUI theme-dependent)

Trails - Adds a rainbow that follows behind the ball

Trail Length - Limits the length of the trail (helps with lag)

Paint Mode - Leaves paint trails behind the ball

Sound Mode - Enables in-game sound FX

Game Speed - Adjusts the speed of gameplay

2-Player Mode - Activates 2-Player multiplayer

P1 MIDI Invert - Inverts Player 1's MIDI input

P2 MIDI Invert - Inverts Player 2's MIDI input

Help - Opens the documentation (this page)

After installing, you can access Paddles through the Tools menu!

paddles featured cropped.png


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2020 Citrus 64™

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